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Newsletter No5  February 2012
The section AGM was held on the 6th of February and was well attended.   Chairman Russell Daysh gave a detailed account of our events last year and said how the South Hants is regarded as a very active section of the VMCC.   Dave Tanner gave a report on our finances and although we are a few bob up on last year, that is mainly because we only had to pay six months room rental at The Limes. The election of the committee was carried out and it`s the same as last year with Russell as Chairman, Dave Tanner cooking the books and Mike Delaney as Secretary
Also elected to the committee are Dave Thew,  Karen Anderson,  Heathcliff Moss and Dave Crumplin.
The evening was topped off with a DVD shown by Dave Tanner of a guy who rode all around Australia on a Diesel motorcycle, rather him than me!
AGM - 6 February 2012
At the meeting on the 5th of March we have a guest speaker, Mr. Dennis Bright who will be giving a talk on wildlife and is a noted photographer. It should be an interesting evening.
Also at the March Meeting I will have entry forms for the Mayor of Havants classic vehicle run, which is on Sunday 15th of April.  It starts at the civic offices at Havant and ends up at fort Purbrook on Portsdown hill. If there is enough interest at the March meeting this could become a section event. My thanks to Dave Crumplin for bringing this event to our attention.
Somerset Section Autojumble
Just a reminder that one of the best autojumbles in the south is on the 3rd of March at the Bath and west showground, Shepton mallet. Run by the Somerset section of the VMCC it’s a great event with lots of pitches and unlike the show in February, only two quid to get in!!!

Thanks to our IT expert and all round good egg Heathcliffe, we are able to have this website and the opportunity to stay in touch with our current and possibly, potential members. Could we therefore ask if you have any photos of your bikes or anything of interest to our members, please let me have them and I will forward to Heathcliffe for inclusion  This can include any events you have done in the past and can recommend or a restoration or newly acquired bike that you have and wish to show off.
Send them to me or hand me the photos or info at the section meeting.